What’s not likeable about Filipinas?: 10 Annoying Habits of Filipino Women

What’s not likeable about Filipinas?: 10 Annoying Habits of Filipino Women

Nobody’s perfect. Men, women, trans, bi – they all have undesirable traits. And sometimes it is just heartbreaking that some genders are stereotyped to having solely these not so likeable traits. Men for example are being treated like they are just the ones who loves to party, to go out and drink, and be involved in a fight. But women, trans and bis also do these! To give you examples, here’s a list of Filipino women’s habits which are also annoying and somehow disgusting.

  1. Excessive Partying

Social graces and social events are just parts of a woman’s nature. Most Filipino women loves to socialize with other people; party, go out, and make new friends. However, in some cases this regular partying becomes so excessive that it annoys and disgusts some people out. Excessive partying is like going to all parties you want even if it entails you to borrow money because you no more have the resources. It is acting like a baggage to your friends because you don’t have the means so you go with them so they can pay for your access. This habit is so annoying because clearly, it is not practical and it is so shameful.

  1. The “bahala na” attitude

Some women tend to have this annoying habit of saying “bahala na” or “come what may” during several instances. Instead of smartly weighing the risks, the pros and cons, they just “let it be” and they just “go with the flow”. Sometimes, it is forgivable and it is okay, especially when you’re running out of choices or you no longer have the luxury of time to think. But, when it becomes a habit, and a go-to option, it is really annoying and disgusting.


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