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5. Death

Death benefit is given to the member’s family or the member’s beneficiaries  in form of a cash benefit which is either in monthly pension or lump sum form. The beneficiaries, are carefully carved out in this benefit. The Social Service Program has specified the different kinds of beneficiaries. The primary beneficiaries are the legitimate dependent spouse until the person remarries, and the member’s dependent legitimate, legitimated, or legally adopted, and illegitimate children who are not yet 21 years old. In the absence of primary beneficiaries, the dependent parents shall be the secondary beneficiaries. In their absence, any other person designated by the member as beneficiary in the member’s record.


As mentioned earlier, there are two types of cash benefits that should be given to the member’s beneficiaries. These are, in lump sum form or pension form. To get hold of a benefit, here are the qualifications:

  • For Pension: the deceased member must have paid at least 36 monthly contributions before the semester of death.
  • For Lumpsum Amount: granted to the primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who had paid less than 36 monthly contributions before the semester of death. Also, in the absence of primary beneficiaries, the secondary beneficiaries are granted the death benefit in lump sum amount.
  • Funeral

The last benefit under the social service program is the Funeral benefit. This is cash benefit given to whoever pays the burial expenses of the deceased member or pensioner. These are the following qualifications to get hold of this benefit:

  • For self-employed/ non-working spouse/ OFW members: the deceased SSS member must have paid at least one (1) monthly contribution, for his/her beneficiaries to be entitled to the funeral benefit.
  • For employed members and those separated from employment: the deceased must been reported for coverage by his/her employer, even if no contribution was paid, for his/her beneficiaries to be entitled to the funeral benefit.

The other service which is being offered by the Social Security System is the Employee’s Compensation (EC) Program. This type, unlike the Social Security program is exclusive only to members who are employed. This program’s objective is to basically provide assistance to workers who suffers from work-related or work-connected sickness or injury resulting in disability or death. This benefit can also be received simultaneously with the Social Security benefits as effective on June 1984.  The different benefits under this program are the following:


  1. Medical services, appliances and supplies provided to the afflicted member beginning on the first day of injury or sickness, during the subsequent period of disability, and as the progress of recovery may require. However, this benefit is allowed only under ward services only of an accredited hospital and physician.
  2. Rehabilitation services, consisting of medical, surgical and hospital treatment.
  3. Income cash benefits for:
  • Temporary total disability or sickness
  • Permanent total disability (loss of two limbs, permanent complete paralysis of two limbs, etc.).
  • Permanent partial disability (such as loss of one thumb, finger, leg).
  • Death

But, similar with the Social Security Program, there are qualifications that must be met. These are as follows:

  1. Employees should be duly reported to the SSS;
  2. Employees’ sickness, injury or death is work- connected; and
  3. The SSS has been duly notified of such sickness, injury or death.

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