Valentine’s Day Business Ideas

Valentine’s Day Business Ideas

The common though for Valentine’s day is just for couples and lovers, however, this date is also perfect for entrepreneurs to make money by making people feel more special. Here in the Philippines, Filipinos celebrated this day big time and highly commercialized. While for businesses, the profit they make during Valentines season is equivalent to the profit made by Christmas season. If you in search for business opportunity particularly in the day of hearts, here are lots of business opportunities that entrepreneurs can take advantage while at the same time earn money.

Here are profitable business ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1. Flowers

In fact, the biggest flower retailer in the Philippines, Holland tulips, makes 60% of its annual sales in the week before Valentine’s day. You can source out your products like roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums, tulips and carnations form Dangwa which is the biggest fresh flower market in Metro Manila. It is best to hire staff with right skills in flower arrangement and another one who can provide flower delivery services. Also, you can take advantage of the use of social media to sell flowers and capture larger market.


2. Chocolates

Chocolate is for any walk of life. It is a perfect gift not only for your special someone but also for family, co-workers, kids, friends and even your neighbors. You can opt to resell imported chocolates or sell homemade.

3. Sweet Treats

If you are fun of baking and you think you have what it takes to create savoring sweet treats, then you should take advantage of your skill and earn money. During this season, Valentine’s day-themed cakes, cookies and other pastries sell like hotcakes. Take pre-orders prior to the day of hearts to accommodate more customers.


4. Personalized Bouquets

Ladies love the idea of receiving flowers particularly during Valentine’s day. Also, girls found it so romantic to receive one-of-a-kind bouquets. Perhaps there are many new ideas such as the ‘chicken nugget bouquet’ and ‘bacon roses’. Well, this kinds of flowers will surely win the heart as well as the stomach of the lady who will receive it.

5. Personalized Gifts

If you are an artist with skills in graphic, video editing and personalized alike, you can earn extra money by making personalized gifts like couple shirts, greeting card and other stuffs. Use this opportunity to earn money and at the same time help others show their love to their love ones.

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