Top 50 Ideas for Arts and Crafts Business

Top 50 Ideas for Arts and Crafts Business

Have the artistic skills and crafty hobbies or an interest in building a business around creative arts and crafts industry? Then why not choose from one of these arts and crafts business ideas to get you inspired. You can make extra money out of it while at the same time enjoying what you are doing.

One basic trick in starting a business in arts and crafts industry is pouring your passion, artistic workmanship and creative ideas. You may opt to choose from many ways to start a business around arts and crafts industry: making handy crafts, selling handmade hard goods, selling your knowledge and services to others. There are also many avenues to sell your products: craft shows, flea markets, stand-alone shops, online shops and even at home parties.

Here is the list of arts and crafts business ideas you can put up.

  1. Jewelry and bead making
  2. Handmade candle making
  3. Arts and crafts tutoring business
  4. Arts and crafts supplies store
  5. Hair and makeup artistry business
  6. Gift basket making business
  7. Handmade soap making business
  8. T-shirt prints and logo designing business
  9. Sculpting business
  10. Pottery business
  11.  Doll making business
  12. Custom embroidery business
  13. Knitting and crocheting business
  14. Handbag designing business
  15. Handmade gift shop store
  16. Wood-turning business
  17. Welding shop
  18. Clothe designing shop
  19. Arts and Craft fair organizing business
  20. Costume designing business
  21. Coloring book designing business
  22. Charcoal portrait painting business
  23. Cross stitching shops
  24. Customized glass etching
  25. Custom button designing business
  26. Hand-painted greeting cards making business
  27. Junkyard sculpturing business
  28. Mirror art designing business
  29. Art prints business
  30. Homemade decorations and ornaments making business
  31. Bookbinding and repair service business
  32. Calligraphy business
  33. Costume rental shop
  34. Dried flower shop
  35. Designer pillow store
  36. Tailoring shop
  37. Hand-painted pots shop
  38. Handmade lamp shade making business
  39. Furniture making business
  40. Matting and framing shop
  41. Mobile art gallery shop
  42. Shoe making business
  43. Mosaic tile creation business
  44. Online art and crafts store
  45. Photo mugs and plates designing business
  46. Nail painting and design studio
  47. Wall mural making business
  48. Wind chimes making business
  49. Woodcarving shop
  50. Clothing and pet toys making business
  51. Handmade toys making business
  52. Arts and crafts blogger



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