Top 25 Ideas for Retailing Business You can Start

Top 25 Ideas for Retailing Business You can Start

Basically, retailing is a kind of business that usually dominated by the individuals or smaller family wherein they sell finished goods, products or services to the consumers in exchange of money. However, this market is increasingly being taken over by large multinational retailers. Though, there is no need to worry, there are still many retailing business ideas you can start and have that piece of cake in retail industry.

Here is the list of top 25 retail business ideas you can put up.

  1. Motor vehicle & parts dealers
  2. Food & beverage shops
  3. General merchandise stores (hypermarkets, department stores, discount stores, warehouse clubs)
  4. Food services & drinking places
  5. Gasoline stations (and convenience stores)
  6. Electronics & appliance stores
  7. Building material & garden dealers (home improvement)
  8. Health & personal care shops (pharmacy/drug stores)
  9. Clothing & clothing accessories shops
  10. Contemporary art gallery shop
  11. Furniture stores
  12. Music and instrument stores
  13. Sporting goods
  14. Hobby stores
  15. Book shops
  16. Mobile-only retailing (m-commerce)
  17. Internet-only e-commerce
  18. Multi-Level Marketing
  19. Direct Response television advertising
  20. Catalog Sales
  21. In-Home Demonstrations
  22. Vending Machines
  23. Infomercials
  24. Handy craft stores
  25. Gift shops


Retail merchandises and services can be operated and sold through stores, kiosks, or even by mail or the Internet, in streets, public parks and other high traffic places.

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