It isn’t always easy to work abroad. Lot of challenges is there that you will face and expect that they will be extra difficult since you will be working with people that don’t understand your lifestyle. If you are planning or about to go work abroad, you have to know the answer to some of these questions so that you can be prepared for your very challenging life abroad.


1. Do you have extra money? – Even though you are working abroad and you will be able to earn money still, it is good to have something reserved. It will be helpful especially when the time of need and shortage comes.

2. Have you prepared your papers? – This should be your top priority. You should make sure that all your needed papers for your job and residency are with you. This might be one of the greatest problems an OFW can face. It will be challenging for most to prepare the papers while already in another country.


3. Do you know where you are going? – Many of the first timers will have a hard time familiarizing with the surroundings. The solution to this is that you should know where you are going, explore the area even on the internet so that you will have a knowledge of your new workplace as well as the nearest cafe and restaurant and other necessities you need.

4. How much does your travel cost? – This doesn’t just involve your payment for the plane ride and cab ride, it also includes how much you will be needing while you live there. Your travel doesn’t only mean earning money and sending that money to your family right? You also need to eat, buy things, buy pasalubongs and many more. You should know how much you will spend.

5. Are you ready for culture shock? – New work, new place, new culture, and traditions. You have to be prepared for this. You have to know how to courteously greet the locals, know what to do and do not. This will equip you to have a pleasant relationship with your employers.


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