Summer Season’s 5 Small Business Ideas

Summer Season’s 5 Small Business Ideas

Another season that is the best time to earn extra income aside from Christmas is summer. Mostly take summer jobs to earn but others put up their own small business taking advantage of the opportunities brought by the season.  Always remember that summer in Philippines is one of the most awaited season to go on outings, trips and have bonding. Therefore, with this mindset as well as appropriate business strategy, you’ll be able to put up your own business and have a profitable income.


If you are planning venture this summer season, here are some simple ideas you can come up:

1. Help people beat the heat.

Because Philippines is a tropical country and summer season is undeniably humid and hot, you can come up with coolers since Filipinos are absolutely in love with food. Perhaps, there is no better way to beat heat other than to feast on drinks and food to quench their thirst. You may try selling beverages and food such as sorbetes, halo-halo, sago’t gulaman, ice candy, shakes and milk teas.

2. Sell swimwear online.

Take advantage of the emerging social media in selling anything online. But because it is summer, one best thing to sell is swim wears, swim gears and other summer necessities through Instagram, Facebook and shopping websites such as Shopee. If you have more capital, you may also try selling travel gadgets like bag organizers and some gadgets.


3. Organize a tour group.

During summer, everyone desired to travel. Today, people are willing to spend money to enjoy and travel in and out of the Philippines. If you are interested in travel and tours, then summer is the perfect time for you to put up a business about it. You can earn money by assisting people in their travels. Make sure to come up with an attractive package for travellers along with the help of resort owners, other entrepreneur and van operators. In addition, you also need to prepare yourself the helpful skills in order to tour guide your clients well.

4. Conduct summer lessons.

Practical parents don’t want to waste summer season for only leisure so they enroll their child in summer lessons or workshops. This way they can still be productive even during vacation. If you have any skills or talent that you can teach such as arts related classes, musical instrument training, sing, sports classes, dance, acting or even academic workshop, then you can try putting up this kind of business. Also, those young at heart usually take health workshops such as yoga, martial arts or tai chi lessons.

5.Take care of pets.

Because most people go on vacation, they have no choice but to leave their pets at home. For those animal lovers, they opt to leave their pets to those facilities accommodating animals. If you think you can handle taking care of them, then summer season is the perfect time to make it a business and earn money out of it. make sure you can assure that they are 100% safe, fed and groomed.


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