Have a Successful Home-based Catering Business with these 5 Tips

Have a Successful Home-based Catering Business with these 5 Tips

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to be expert in cooking to put up a catering business. Starting a Home-based catering business requires the right business skills, small capital and lots of creativity more than having culinary talent. As long as you have large kitchen to accommodate the food demands of your clients, you can launch this business at the comfort of your home. This way you can also save start-up cost.  


Because there are many players in this industry, it is important that your business stand out. To make your catering business have an edge against the competitors, here are 5 helpful tips you can do:

1. Focus on a specialty.

Evan though it looks easier to get customers from a large market, it would be good if you pick a niche and focus on it. This will serve as your specialty that customers will appreciate. Like for example, you can try focusing on wedding celebrations or even birthdays where you could get steady customers all year round. However, if your service is available only in smaller market such as small town in provinces, it would be better if you could do jack of all trades and explore all types of catering opportunities.

2. It’s all about the presentation.

Today’s celebration embraces styling that includes food and table presentations. Mostly of the customers are willing to spurge on the styling of the event, you can take opportunity of this demand. There are professional caterers that offer this service so it would be best if you indulge yourself in mastering the techniques of food and table presentation as well as knowing the latest trends about event styling. However, you can also try hiring a professional stylist to take care of this part of business especially if you have the capital.


3. Tie up with party planners and other suppliers.

One great way to reach wide market is to establish a network with the known party planners as well as reliable suppliers like event venue operators, cake decorators, stylist and even party performers. You may ask them for referral or advertise them to other client and give them commission in return. Always remember that even in other business, lots of customers rely on their suppliers’ recommendations so you should establish a good relationship with them.

4. Use the power of social media.

The emergence and development of social media can be used to publicize any business. Making pages on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram can get you wider market reach. These allows businesses to get ratings from customers who have tried their services. Social media will probably give you the opportunity to improve your business in several aspects.

5. Join fairs.

Joining fairs will introduce your company to prospective clients. Like for instance, you focus on weddings you should attend bridal fairs. Not only you will meet potential customers, but also you will have a chance to meet other suppliers and learn more about the industry.


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