Steps on How to Start a Carwash Business in the Philippines

Steps on How to Start a Carwash Business in the Philippines

The number of cars filling the streets are continuously growing rapidly, so as well as the market for carwash services in the country. Carwash is a in demand business in the Philippines as Filipinos always want their vehicles looking new, shiny and clean at all time. This is probably the reason why we commonly find carwash stations in almost every part along the road starting form sidewalks to full-service shops. However, running a carwash business takes so much more that what you think aside from keeping cars dust-free. Same as the rest of the businesses, you have to follow certain steps in order to establish your car cleaning empire.

If you want to put up a carwash business, here are five steps you can follow to achieve it.

1.Study the car wash industry.

In every business, it is important to know the concepts behind the industry you wish to be involve. This will help you keep alive in the business industry as well as the competition. In carwash, it is necessary to get to know the latest technologies employed in washing cars. Define your potential clients, their demographics and then find a way to win their trust. Do a little research about the average pricing of the service and try to look for ways to beat your competition in the area. But what’s more important is studying the most effective car washing processes.


2.Find the best location for your shop.

Before you could actually put up your shop, you should find time to count the number of potential clients within your area. Your space should be big enough preferably bigger than 100 square meters with adequate water supply. Carmudi suggests that the speed limit in an area should not be higher than 60kph in order to allow motorist to make a split second decision as they see the signage.


3. Purchase necessary equipment and hire trusted employees.

Archie Ocampo, carwash proprietor, said in an article for Entrepreneur that he spent about P50,000 for carwash tool and supplies including the pressure washer, car shampoo, air compressor, chamois, micro fibers, jelly blades, rotary buffer and industrial blower. In addition, you need to hire reliable employees and train them efficiently about car washing.

4. Promote the business.

You can take advantage of the social media, send out flyers, put up steamers and offer discounts to promote your car wash shop. Also, you can come up giving promos to customers during your opening week so they can advertise your shop to others.

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