Steps on How to Start a Barber Shop Business in the Philippines

Steps on How to Start a Barber Shop Business in the Philippines

With the fact that the hair never stop form growing, the demand for a barber shop is always in demand. You can take advantage of this fact and consider putting up a barber shop in your community. Furthermore, the barber shops offer more basic and less complicated services than salons.

In an article publishes for GMA News, it is stated that you’ll need at least P35,000 to P50,000 in order to start a simple barber shop.

Let us help you with this breakdown of your budget:

P9,000- brand new barber’s chair

P 500- barber’s scissors

P1,500 – mirrors

P5,000-P10,000- rental

If you wish to put up your own barber shop business here are some useful steps to follow.

1. Select a good location.

Just like any type of business that focuses on service, the location of your barber shop plays a big role to its success. The ideal set up is in a community where there is no barber shop.


2. Identify which services you will offer.

Even though barber shops are known providing haircut services for men, it is also an edge to provide extra services such as massage, quick trim in the ears and even non-hair services. Tyr to determine what other services you can offer based on services provided by your competition.

3. Choose your barbers well.

Make sure that you hire a reliable and trained barber because it is one of the biggest factors to success of barber shops. Be mindful that lots of barber shops owners have experienced dealing with barbers who mostly come late for work or even worse, sometimes don’t show up. Be picky on choosing your barber, assure that they have the right skills even if they doesn’t have professionalism.


4. Focus on good customer service.

Doing this will help you gain loyal customers. Always build rapport with your customers and make sure that your barbers give them the best possible service. You can also offer extra services like free neck massage.

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