Steps on How to Join Bazaars

Steps on How to Join Bazaars

Joining bazaar is a good idea to market and sell the products particularly for newbie entrepreneurs. Not only because it is an ideal place to introduce a new business to the consumers, but also it is a place where you can meet new customers, suppliers and interesting people. But how would you join bazaars and get many customers? You need to get yourself prepared as the first step before you plunge into one of these bazaars.

How would you do it? Here are the steps to follow:


Keep in mind that people come to bazaars because they want to see things they won’t find in malls. Your items should be unique, try combining consigned items with things that you yourself made in order to get your money back easily.

2.LOOK FOR SUPPLIES/ SUPPLIER for the products you wish to make.


Searching on the internet is easy. Find an organizer or venue near your location and make that call.

Note that the venue must be accessible to shoppers as well as to you and your assistants. Make sure to check if your target market are in the area. Listen to tips given by the organizers because they know the kind of shoppers their bazaars usually attract. Keep in mind that the best organizers give priority ensuring that their vendors’ success, and in order to do it they limit the products exhibited and getting the bazaar advertised and covered by the media.

“Publicity is very important. It is a must.”


There are areas that rent may seem steep, though it will be worth it if your location, merchandise and target market are in sync.

Note that you can get a friend to share the booth to trim your expenses. Aside from the rent, the organizers may also offer electrical outlets for an extra charge. Church tiangge can be cheaper if it is open air, while bazaars in hotels and venues like the Manila Polo Club are usually more expensive.

OPEN AIR VENUE RATE: P1,500-2000/day average




There’s a need to formally apply and register to both government agency governing the bazaar and the organizer.

Note that some organizers require forms to be submitted while other organizers ask for product samples.


Always remember to have fun. Do this by being friendly to your clients. No matter how tedious the bazaar is, enjoy the experience and have fun. Keep in mind that your aura reflects on how you deal with clients, and it can definitely boost or break your business.


— After deciding which bazaar to join, the next step is booking early to get a good stall.

— Corner tables and those by the entrance are the most sought.

— Choose a slot on the right side of the foot traffic flow. According to business experts, people automatically look to the right.

— Prepare equipment that will maximize your allotted space such as racks, screens, tables, chairs, nets, wires and strings.

— Make your booth attractive to shoppers by using materials like mirrors and spotlights for sure visibility. For more display space, get a wall booth.

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