Steps on How to Get NSO/PSA Certificate Online (Birth, Marriage, Death or CENOMAR)

Steps on How to Get NSO/PSA Certificate Online (Birth, Marriage, Death or CENOMAR)

It is a good thing to know that we don’t have to fall in a very long line in getting government documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate or CENOMAR. Birth Certificate is mostly needed in school or even in job so it is important to secure yours.

The conventional way of processing these documents are very time consuming, so it is great to know that the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) formerly National Statistic Office (NSO) launched their website where you can apply and get your desired certificate online. Not only that, they also partnered with Pilipinas Teleserv a call center agency where you can also apply for NSO/PSA certificate.

There are two official websites where we can apply for NSO Certificates; the by Unisys and the by Pilipinas Teleserv, you can choose either of these two websites to apply for your PSA certificate.

You might get confuse somehow, so this instruction used NSO Helpline. There are three basic steps to request an NSO certificate in this website, Order Now, Pay Online and Check Status.


Step 1. Go to NSO helpline, website then click on  the order now section.

Step 2. Select the NSO certificate that you want to request to get started. In this instruction, I will choose Birth Certificate.

Step 3. Next, Select the purpose of your certificate or where do you need the certificate.

Step 4. If this is your first time to apply for a copy of your certificate select “No” else select “Yes”

Step 5. Fill out the Certificate Application Form completely, then click Continue.

Step 6. If you have any legal proceedings like legitimation, adoption, court hearings, etc. You can now select in this step if not click “None”.


Step 7. Enter the name of the recipient or the person who will receive the certificate. Put your name if you’re the one who will receive, then click submit.

Step 8. Double check your order summary on the left side of the screen, then on the right enter your Contact Info and Delivery Address. On the bottom part the “Checkout Summary”, certify all your entries by ticking the checkbox then click continue.

Step 9. You’re almost done, you just need to Pay your order to confirm. You can select Over the counter via Bayad Center and Metrobank, Online Payment if you have a VISA or Mastercard credit or debit card, BancNet ATM and Globe Gcash for mobile payment.

Step 10. Now that you confirm your NSO certificate thru payment, you can now check the status of your order in the Check Status page. Just enter the Reference number, then click submit. According to the website you can expect to receive your order within 2-3 days.


In case you are not around during delivery or the recipient is not around during delivery, you may opt to use letter of authorization. Simply enter the name of the representative that will receive your certificate then sign it. Also make sure that your representative has at least one valid ID.How to get NSO Certificate Online – Birth, Marriage, Death or CENOMAR.

If you encounter any problem, you may contact NSO Helpline directly @ Hotline (02) 737-1112 or email at


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