How to Start your own Fashion Design Business

How to Start your own Fashion Design Business

There are lot of people that don’t know that many fashion design business have started out as just a small home business. Lot of cases, these businesses would even have been started just from their kitchen table or spare bedroom. Definitely, the fashion business is a business that could be started from home and on a very small budget.

Many successful designers started their business at home such as Laura Ashley who is a designer who started her design on her kitchen table in London. She then went to build a very successful international design business. Another one is the international fashion designer Bruce Oldfield whose fashion design talent was sown in his own home and at a very early age. Amongst other designers, they have inspired many to live out their dream of owning their own fashion design business and following their footsteps to success.

Keep in mind that the fun and pleasure of creating your own designs can start at any age. It can be very exciting and exhilarating time once the fashion bug takes hold. You will feel it, the adrenaline will constantly being stirred by the creation and completion of new designs. You may be inspired by the most unusual items, such as sunset, brick, an old pattern, architectural building or any item. If you find yourself sketching or doodling designs on every spare piece of paper, then you most likely have a hidden talent yourself for being a fashion designer.

If you are really enjoying it, why not give yourself the opportunity to start a fashion business from your own home?


You could decide on specializing various niches like women’s clothing, full size clothing, gothic clothing etc. in order to start your business, you should be able to create a few samples of your designs and then promote them with the help of friends at house parties to find out if they are marketable. After completed this initial research, you can now take your new business to the next level which would be to prepare your business plan.

Among the qualities required to run a fashion design business, the two of the most important ones are, tenacity and determination. You may experience time when working on your fashion business that you will feel like giving up. This is due to enormous amount of work involved. This is the time when tenacity quality will be required. You will have to have enough determination in order to achieve your goals you have made for your fashion business success.

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