Start Your Business with this Top 40 Technology-Related Ideas

Start Your Business with this Top 40 Technology-Related Ideas

Are you looking for some idea to put up your own business? Are you a techno geek, computer whiz, aspiring entrepreneur who wants to venture in IT industry? Then why not try one of these technology-related business ideas that could surely make you a young millionaire in the near future. You can start one of these technoly-related business even without a big capital to fund it.

Here is the list of the top 40 technology-related business ideas.

  1. Start an IT Shop Business
  2. Mobile Phone Repair Business
  3. Computer Repair and Maintenance Business
  4. IT Consulting Firm Business
  5. Business Process Outsourcing Business
  6. Selling Call Cards and Bundle Loads
  7. Web Hosting and Domain Selling Business
  8. Internet Cafe Business
  9. Tech Blog Writing and Consulting
  10. Computer Training Business
  11. Data Entry Business
  12. Online Store Business
  13. Web Design and Web Development Services Business
  14. Making Mobile Application Software
  15. Making Systems Software and Applications Software
  16. Internet Research Service Business
  17. IT Support Services Business
  18. Social Media Consulting Firm Business
  19. Video Production and Video Editing Services Business
  20. Online Tutoring Business
  21. Selling eBooks Online
  22. IT Networking Business
  23. Computer Delivery and Assembly Business
  24. Freelance Copywriting Business
  25. IT Magazine Publishing Business
  26. IT Trade Fairs, Shows and Events Business
  27. Conduct Ecourses, Webinars and Online Workshops
  28. Cloud Computing Hosting Business
  29. Game Development Software Business
  30. Online Recruiting and Staffing Agency Business
  31. Internet Marketing Business
  32. SEO Consulting Firm Business
  33. Online Dating Site Business
  34. Photography and Digital Printing Service Business
  35. Copying Center Business
  36. Online Deals and Discount Sites Business
  37. Mobile Office Services Business
  38. Graphic Design Business
  39. Affiliate Marketing Business
  40. Virtual Tours Services Business


In order to gain success in this line of business, you have to make sure to know your target market. Conduct a market survey and pick a name for your business and register it. Also, find a good location and learn about taxes, record keeping, marketing and customer service.

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