Out-of-School Youth’s 7 Online Job Opportunities

Out-of-School Youth’s 7 Online Job Opportunities

Due to poverty, there are many young people forced to stop studying and became out-of-school youths in the Philippines. There are number of families that are unable to send their children to school because of lack of resources. As the result, these young people have their life uncertain. Luckily, with the advancing Internet, it gives new opportunities for these unfortunate youth to get jobs, earn money, provide for their own families as well as send themselves back to school. This jobs are applicable as long the person has personal computer or laptop, stable Internet connection and the right skills. However, if they don’t have computer at home, they can always rent a unit in an Internet shop. Mostly of these jobs are skill-based and doesn’t require a college degree.

1. English tutor

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Free Classifieds Manila

If you are fluent in English and have passion for teaching, you can give a shot in teaching the English language online. There are many online English schools that can give you opportunity and earn income with the comfort of being at home.


2. Virtual assistant

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Virtual Task Hub

Today, Filipino virtual assistants (VA) are in demand. This job does not require a college degree as long as you are creative, technical and as well as administrative  in assisting the clients online.

3. Freelance writer

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The Balance

Surviving the freelance world of writing, you don’t need to be an expert. You just need to be particular to the forte and nurture your skills to produce quality and unique outcome. You can earn steady income simply by providing content for website owners or bloggers.

4. Blogging

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If you are fun of writing news, capturing photos, making music and videos, you can share it in a blog. Constantly updating its content can get your number of viewers. Blogs that have good trac can earn money by paid views, PPC advertising and aliate marketing.

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