Run your Resort Business Better with these 5 Useful Tips

Run your Resort Business Better with these 5 Useful Tips

Wondering how Filipinos enjoy their summer vacation? Well, mostly of them would say that they go to resort to make the most out of it. Resorts has been the go-to place of Pinoys for recreation, relaxation and of course, for rest. Perhaps, every town in the Philippines has at least one resort. But it is not just for accommodating vacationers and tourists, it can also serve as event venue for birthdays, baptisms, weddings and any types of celebrations all-year round. With this high demand, it is really a profitable business to put up a resort more especially if you have a great spot. However, aside from coming up with a viable investment plan, choosing the location, and transforming its appearance, there are some things that you need to do in order to keep your resort business well-profitable.

  1. Monitor costs.

Being a resort owner, you should accept that most bookings are done during summer season. Keeping this in mind, you should consider monitoring and controlling the cost so that during lean months, June to November, your sales in any amount, are enough to sustain the operations of your business.

  1. Come up with packages and discounts.

Because resorts are sprouting almost everywhere, you must come up with affordable promos and discounts to attract more customers. You can tie up with tour groups, develop family and barkada packages and offer free use of certain facilities to make your business on the top.

  1. Introduce unique facilities and activities

Today, people don’t just swim whenever they go to resorts. There are also other fun activities and facilities that some resorts offer. Try adopting this demand on your business like for example, setting a camp, island hopping trips and more.

  1. Take advantage of social marketing.

Some websites such as CashCash Pinoy, Metrodeal and Deal Grocer are doing tie up with the resort owners in order to market their businesses. It is proven that this strategy is very helpful as most people have access to online advertisements and are always looking for great promos.

  1. Focus on customer service.

The customer service will always play big role in retaining clients no matter how attractive and excellent the facilities of the resort. Checking the reality, the resort staffs can either make or break your business. You should train them well to make sure they will be attentive and presentable in order to give your guests a great resort experience.


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