Online Business and Technology Courses are Offered Free by AIM

Online Business and Technology Courses are Offered Free by AIM

Here is a good news for entrepreneurs there who are interested to pursue higher education! The Asian Institute of Management or AIM, which is a pioneer in management education in Asia will be offering business and technology courses for free. President and Dean Jikyeong Kang announced that the graduate business school is already in talks with edX, the online learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard University, during the press briefing to officially launch AIM’s brand new logo.

There are few courses particularly in data science areas that the institute is already developing. Kang said, “With the edX partnership, we hope to be able to offer many of these courses which will be free to anybody not just in the Philippines but also in the region. We want to think more ways to stay true to our mission.”

In addition, the international management school is accredited with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business that offers Masters in Business Administration and Development Management degrees. AIM also offers various short courses that focus on the general management, innovation, marketing, microfinance, operations and leadership that all last from two to four weeks.


Commonly, short courses are more expensive compared to executive education from local schools. In line with this, Kang explained that they are relatively inexpensive compared to similar courses offered in the region. Those students who wish to have formal certification for their completion of the short online courses pay minimal fee. Nowadays, AIM has come up with over 43,000 graduates since it was founded in 1968 in Manila by the Harvard Business School in partnership with prominent business leaders and other key academic institutions in country. Kang said in an interview, “If you want certificate for the knowledge you have acquires, there will be a small fee. That’s normally the edX style.”

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