New SSS Contribution Table

Latest SSS Contribution Table for 2017

There is an update for the SSS Contribution this year. The following table shows the changes including for employers, employees, self-employed, voluntary members and OFWs that applies to SSS Contributions 2018.

If you had been paying your SSS, here is the complete schedule for employers, employee, self-employed, OFWs and voluntary members as well.

Even though the latest SSS Contribution table 2018 is shared here, it will be very helpful if you print it out especially if you’re an employer so you can update your employees’ contributions earlier and not rush doing it at the exact time of your payment. It is also advisable to voluntary members, OFWs and self-employed to know the update and check the new amounts from the table to avoid payment errors.

In addition, all members of SSS including employers are now required to have an SSS online account. Apparently, the Social Security System is aiming to make everything online now. Eventually, we don’t need to go to the SSS to transact or inquire about our account. There are features on the online account such as viewing premiums, static information, and employment history download that are now working.

SSS Contribution Table for 2018

For employers and employed people, see the table below. Notice it’s the same as the previous year as SSS plans to increase the contributions passed in the Senate is still pending and not yet approved. So same amounts as last year still applies.


For the schedule of contributions for self-employed, Overseas Filipino Workers and voluntary members, see the list below.

Note that the minimum salary credit for OFW member is P5,000.


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