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Question: A continuous yellow line on the road means?

Answer: B – No overtaking on the left side

Question: What is the meaning of a blinking yellow traffic light?

Answer: B – Stay alert and continue if there is no danger

Question: The necessary distance in between you and a vehicle you are following should be:

Answer: A – The same length as a full vehicle

Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? (A circle with a red lining with a jeepney inside it over a no entry sign)

Answer: B – Jeepney no entry

Question: If the driver of a vehicle in front of you is giving a hand signal by pointing his left hand upwards he will:

Answer: C – Turn right

Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? (A man with a shovel) Road Construction traffic Sign

Answer: B – Road Construction

Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? (Not a flat ground inside a triangle with red lining) bumpy road traffic sign

Answer: A – Bumpy Road

Question: When changing lanes you should make a signal, look at the rear-view mirror and:

Answer: A – watch out for oncoming vehicles

Question: You are not allowed to overtake at the foot of a bridge because:

Answer: B – It’s dangerous and you cannot see oncoming vehicles


Question: When parking uphill and parallel to the sidewalk, you should turn the wheel: Answer: B – Away from the sidewalk curb

Question: You should not overtake in places like:

Answer: A – All answers are correct; Other options: (B – At the foot of a bridge, C – in an intersection)

Question: After overtaking, you want to safely go back to the lane where you came from. You should:

Answer: B – Use the rear view mirror to check if you can see the vehicle that you have overtaken

Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? (Curve going to the left inside a triangle with a red lining) Dangerous curve ahead


Answer: A – Dangerous curve on the left side

Question: What technique can be done with a manual car when trying to get started while driving on a steep uphill gradient to prevent your car from rolling backwards?

Answer: C – Handbrake technique

Question: Non-professional license is only for:

Answer: B – Private vehicles

Question: What is the meaning of a traffic sign that has a triangle with red color?

Answer: A – Warning Sign


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