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Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? (A u-like shape that is a horn with a no entry sign on it) Do not use horn

Answer: A – Do not use horn

Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? (A red circle with >2m< inside) Vehicles more than 2 meters cannot enter

Answer: A – Vehicles more than 2 meters wide cannot enter

Question: If the vehicle’s headlight in front of you is blinding your eyes, what should you do?

Answer: A- Quickly look on the right side of the road

Question: How many days are given for you to settle the case to get your license back if you get caught?

Answer: A – 15 days

Question: Two continuous parallel yellow lines on the road means.

Answer: B – It is dangerous to overtake


Question: The minimum age to get a non-professional license is:

Answer: C – 17 years old

Question: What should you bring while driving?

Answer: C – Driver’s License, vehicle registration, and receipt of last LTO payment for the vehicle

Question: What will happen when your rear tire blows out?

Answer: B – The back end will sway away from the blowout

Question: The safest thing to do even if you have the rights of using the road is:

Answer: A – Don’t Force your rights

Question: While driving, the hood of your car lifts up blocking your vision. What should you do? Check all that apply.

Answer: A – Look through the gap underneath the hood or out of the side window; C – Pull to the side of the road and refasten the hood

Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? (An octagonal red figure with STOP written on it) Stop Traffic Sign

Answer: C – Stop

Question: The minimum age for the applicant of a Professional Driver’s License is:

Answer: B – 18 years old


Question: What will happen when your front tire blows out?

Answer: C – The front end will pull towards the side of the blowout

Question: According to the law, you can’t drive fast except when:

Answer: A – All answers are correct; Other choices:(B – There is no danger and C – You are under the speed limit)

Question: What should you do before turning left or right?

Answer: C – Give a signal while no less than 30 meters before turning

Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? Animal Crossing

Answer: C – Animal Crossing

Question: While driving, you should look at the side and rear view mirror:

Answer: C – Quickly

Question: What is the meaning of the green arrow traffic sign?

Answer: B – The vehicle is allowed to go left or right

Question: Driving without license is against the law and is punishable by:

Answer: B – Php750

Question: Broken white line on the road means?

Answer: C – Overtaking on the left and right sides of the road is allowed IF there is no danger

Question: If the driver of a vehicle in front of you is giving a hand signal and is pointing his hand to the ground, he is:

Answer: A – Stopping

Question: If you want to drive slower than other vehicles on a highway you should stay on the:

Answer: C – Right Lane

Question: What should you do if a policeman stops you?

Answer: C – Stop and give your license and papers if the policeman asks for it

Question: When should a driver make a decision?

Answer: A – While driving to anticipate other drivers’ actions

Question: Which of the following best describes the picture? (A circle with a red lining with a trailer inside it) No trailer

Answer: B – Vehicles with trailer cannot enter

Question: A red flag or red light should be attached to any vehicle cargo that exceeds:

Answer: C – One meter from the back of the car

Question: What is the meaning of the green traffic light?

Answer: B – The vehicle should NOT stop


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