Know More About Pagibig Contribution Table 2018

This article will discuss and show the latest Pag-ibig Contribution Table 2018 or HDMF Contribution Table. The Home Development Mutual Fund is very helpful in supporting Pagibig members to generate savings, earn dividends and avail housing loans and other loans offered by Pagibig.


It is mandatory for employees to pay Pag-ibig Fund contributions every payroll or whenever they receive their salaries. This is automatic and done by the employer every payroll. It is also important for employers to remit and submit reports to Pagibig regarding all their employees’ contributions. Knowing the latest Pagibig contribution table helps in awareness of each member, thus we are sharing here the latest contributions.


Pagibig Contribution Table 2018

Every employee, employer, members, OFWs must take note the latest Pagibig Contribution Table 2018 below to aid and be aware how much you are paying to Pagibig Fund every month. The usual payment is P100 following the maximum compensation set to 5,000.

pagibig contribution table 2018

How to compute Pagibig Contributions?

The maximum monthly compensation allowed to compute each employee’s Pagibig contribution is currently set at P5,000. This means that the maximum contribution a member can pay per month is currently P100 and the employer’s share applied to that maximum contribution is also P100.

If you are employed and you are receiving more than 5,000 every month, you will be deducted 100 every month to cover your employee share. Your employer will also pay 100 to your Home Development Mutual Fund (employer share).

How Pagibig Fund earns money?

Pagibig (HDMF) is a mutual fund. All the money you will contribute to the HDMF will be pooled and invested to different financial instruments usually government funds or money markets. These Mutual Fund then will earn income from those investments. As a member of the Home Development Mutual Fund, you are entitled to that income.


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