From Hobby to Business: 5 Hobbies You Can Make Money Out Off

From Hobby to Business: 5 Hobbies You Can Make Money Out Off

Every one of us is good at something like what we do as our hobby. But did you know that you can actually monetize it and turn into a profitable business? There are people who started their business using their life skill. However, you have to create a plan in order to turn your hobby into a money-making venture. The plan includes learning about sales and marketing, creating network in order to get positive results and building an online presence.


The following are the list of hobbies that have potential on becoming source of income. Watch out for your hobby may be on the list!

1. Photography

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There are opportunities for photographers like for weddings that can really make huge amount these days. However, aside from the talent, a successful wedding photographer must have an impressive online portfolio, good connections in wedding industry as well as marketing skills. Having your client satisfied is a big factor to success for they may recommend you to other couples to hire. Also, you may invest on basic studio and involving yourself in corporate photography.

2. Cooking/Baking

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Many successful food brands and even restaurants started as a simple hobby. But if you are having fun in cooking and planning to make it a business, you need to make sure that you have perfected your recipes.  Be sure that your home-cooked meals or homemade pastries suit the taste of your target market. Invest thinking about ideas on how you will present your products. Also, it is important that you know where to sell it by identifying how you can bring in the customers. What’s more important is you keep your products unique, this can serve as your edge over your rivals.

3. Crafting

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Did you know that there are online shops such as Etsy and Ebay that gave opportunities for craft enthusiasts to present their products to the customers. Perhaps, a well-known knitter named Alicia Shafer can make $80,000 per month or nearly $1 million a year for just selling handmade scarves, headbands and leg warmer on Etsy. However, for you to achieve success, you have to be really good and exceptional skills. You can hire a quality photographer and even stylist to best showcase your products. Just like any other business, you should learn the right marketing strategy to use as well as customer service skills in order to attract customers. You may also consider pinning your products to pinterest to get publicity.



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Many people constantly create a blog to document their lives. Did you know that blogging full time can actually help you quit your current job and turn your hobby into business? If you are just about to start your blog, you need to think of something you are passionate about. Afterwards you can set-up a simple website through WordPress or blogger then constantly build your blog over time. You will get it steady with readers so you may have opportunities to add advertising arrangements and monetize it.

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5. Teaching

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With the advance technology today, there is no need to tutor at your tutee’s house just to conduct tutorial lessons. Tutors now take advantage of online opportunities to be able to teach.  If you are one of those who have passion for teaching a certain subject, you can turn it into successful work. You may level up your skills by reaching your target market well using right online platform.


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