Halo-Halo Recipe for Home-Based Food Business

Halo-Halo Recipe for Home-Based Food Business

Halo-halo is one of those favorite snack of Filipinos especially during hot summer season. It is basically a combination of different ingredients such as makapuno, sweet beans, tubers, fruits, sago and shaved ice along with evaporated milk. Lots of people sell halo-halo during summer to earn extra money, however, this food is well-loved by Pinoy that they craved all year round. You can try putting up this business and make it a long run.


One of the most popular halo-halo in the Philippines is Razon’s that are even dubbed as the “Halo-Halo ng Pilipinas”. What’s more interesting about it is it only consists of three ingredients specifically saging na saba, leche flan and macapuno. Fewer than the usual but still, customers go crazy for it probably because of its rich flavor, creaminess and softness. Razon started from a small eatery inside a subdivision in Guagua, Pampanga that eventually grow into chain of restaurants in various shopping malls in Metro Manila and some part of Luzon.

If you want to venture in this business, you have to make sure it is affordable yet savoring in order to stand out. Here is a simple halo-halo recipe you can easily try in putting up a home-based business.


  • Red munggo, white beans
  • Macapuno strips
  • Sugar palm seeds or kaong
  • Pinipig
  • Fresh or canned fruits like jackfruit, saba banana
  • Cooked sago
  • Sweetened kamote
  • Sweetened garbanzos
  • Ice cream
  • Leche flan
  • Ube halaya
  • Shaved or crushed ice



  1. In a tall glass, put your choice of sweets until it is half-filled.
  2. Fill with shaved or crushed ice.
  3. Put ice cream, ube halaya or leche flan on top.
  4. Add milk and sugar until desired taste is achieved.


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