Guides and Steps on How to Create Your Own Co-working Space Business

Guides and Steps on How to Create Your Own Co-working Space Business

There are lot of opportunities working in a virtual office in Manila. It is a nothing short of fulfillment in the feeling of working in the comfort of your home and constant conceptualization of ideas for yourself. However, what if you wish for a space of your own where people of your caliber can also gather and let their ideas spill forth? It is simple, set out to create it.

A co-working space is best described as a great place where vibrant and flourishing minds, especially the youths’ are given a chance to grow and shine. Though, it is a different story finding this place to owning and creating a space of your own and making a profit out if it. Fortunately, this article has a lot of useful content that can help you fulfill your ambitions as a professional and future business owner.

If you are interested in putting a good co-working space of your own, here are guides on how you can make it.

1. Conceptualize Your Ideas

Just like anything you plan for, the outcomes are what forms from the desire. Examine carefully every single detail of your ideas and then, formulate a plan on how to execute that idea and give it form.

2. Identify your Target Audience/Market

After finalizing and examining your ideas, it is now time to identify your market. Using the abundance of co-working spaces in and out of the metro, freelancers, students, and other professionals are able to have access with the spaces provided. Make sure to figure out among your market in order to know who to give priority to in terms of services, and maybe even amenities.

3.  Figure out the Ideal Location for your Space

Establishing your own co-working space, or even any other business franchise for that matter, keep in mind that the location is a key component. In this line of business, it doesn’t matter where it can be based in, as long as your space’s location hits the target market you desire.

It is also best if your co-working space’s location is near anywhere that can prove convenient to your customers such as coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores and even vacant lots that can serve as parking space. Keep in mind that the customers bring in the business, their comfort and convenience must be doubly assured on your end.


4. Set a Budget Plan

Finishing the first steps, it is about time for the most essential part in planning a business: Setting realistic budget plan. Secure that the money you plan to invest is enough to cover the following components:


Rental fee for Location


Necessary Equipment

Labor Fee

Electricity and Other Utilities

This things is necessary to ensure that your space functions efficiently. It is on you on how you set your budget for your business.

Making sure that your budget plan is enough to cover the construction of your space and the amenities provided upon completion and launching is another thing. This also helps you determines the prices you set for customer use.

5. Figure Out your Brand

This final part is what you’ve been waiting for: your brand. It is what attracts numerous clientele, ranging from customers to investors as a company and general business. For your brand, you have to figure out what services are you willing to offer or give emphasis to. That way, your business will not only thrive, but be flexible in corporate terms as well.

Use this process in setting up your own co-working space to the public. Yes there may be other ways to do so, but one thing you should always remember is that your services should cater to everyone who wishes to share their ideas and turn their passions into profit.


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