How to Get a Senior Citizen’s ID in the Philippines

How to Get a Senior Citizen’s ID in the Philippines

Having a senior citizen’s ID can give a person many perks of benefits. This is a privileges rightful and just because of their capabilities with such age. Also, their contribution when they were younger as well as other factors that make up their well-being should have a pay-off.

There are instances that some people are not really convinced when one says that they already are part of the senior citizen group, so one thing to prove it is to have a senior citizen ID. Fortunately, here in this article, you are going to learn how you can get a senior citizen ID.

The same as any other ID, getting a senior citizen ID also has requirements and these are as follows:

  • Birth Certificate
  • 1 x 1 Colored Photo
  • Valid ID

Prepare all these prior to you going to the Municipal’s office of the senior citizen’s affair to have your ID processed and validated.


The procedure is simple, you just need to go to your Municipal’s Office of the Senior Citizen’s Affair and apply for an ID.  Ask someone from your family to accompany you with this process because this might take a couple of minutes to an hour.  They will ask you to fill out the information like:

  • Complete name
  • Date of Birth
  • Complete Address
  • Other Personal Information

Bringing someone in your family will comes in handy so that they can write down for you, however the staff can also help you out on that. Later, the staff will ask for your signature. Note that this is critical because you need to ensure that your signature is the one you will use for everything because it can be voided.


There are  many benefits that you can use once you get a Senior Citizen ID. These are:

  1. Discounts on Public Transportation (Although jeepneys and vans do not require this) Trains, cabs, and other more formal rides require this.
  2. Having a senior citizen ID can allow you to pass through long lines in paying your bills like your electricity bill, your phone bills, your water bills, anything.
  3. Given the fact that you have been here longer than other youngsters, you have the privilege or discounts on a lot of things which some of which may include entertainment, utilities, etc.
  4. Getting a Senior Citizen ID can slightly be a hassle of course given the fact that you are not very flexible or patient enough but it will be worth it after you get it because you now can get to enjoy the privileges, rewards, and benefits of being a senior citizen.


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