Extension of Passport and Driver’s License Validity, Signed by President Duterte

Extension of Passport and Driver’s License Validity, Signed by President Duterte

It would be a great help if the validity of passport and driver’s licenses are extended, that’s why Filipinos have dreamed of it. Even though we would count years for these to expire, it’s still convenient, efficient, and thrifty, if you’d renew it for a long time. Good news that the bills are already signed into law by our dear President Rodrigo Duterte. The thing we’re yearning for is now in our hands. However, the laws extending the validities of these also impose tighter measures to ensure that people who get them are deserving.


The two laws, Republic Act No. 10928 and Republic Act No. 10930 was signed by the President on Wednesday last August 2, 2017. To further explain what it means, under Republic Act No. 10928, regular passports of citizens, at least 18 years old will be valid for 10 years. While passports issued to minors (under 18) will only be valid for 5 years. Before this was signed, the maximum validity of passports is only up to 5 years.

Also, the law states that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has the right to choose validity to less than 10 years “whenever in the national economic interest or political stability of the country such restriction is necessary.” The DFA was instructed to issue rules and regulations pertaining to the maximum validity of these passports. Moreover, the law dictates to the DFA that the processing of passports should be “seamless, convenient, and pro-people.” On the other hand, Republic Act No. 10930 extends the validity of the driver’s license from 3 years to 5 years; calculated from the birthdate of the licensee. This does not apply to student permits, though. Renewed license, disregarding if it’s professional or non-professional, it will be given 10 years of validity IF the license holder DID NOT commit any violations in the LTO and Traffic Code (Republic Act No. 4136) and other traffic rules and regulations.


Apart from the extension, the new law also has a plan on aspiring driver’s license holders. It also imposes more and stricter requirements before someone can be issued a license. This new law adds a part in the Land Transportation and Traffic Code that states people who can be issued a driver’s license should be “deserving applicants with sufficient driving skills and knowledge on road safety and proper road courtesy.” Having that said, “theoretical and practical examinations” must “sufficiently measure the competency of drivers.”

Aside from that, the section also state that any government employee who issues a driver’s license without complete and necessary requirements and examinations or issues to an undeserving applicant will be immediately removed from their post. Any person who commits falsification of documents, cheating on the driving test, or illegally conspire with a government official will be fined Php20, 000.00.

The President really don’t cater red tape in the government that he did actions to eradicate it.

  This could be the start of beautification of the Philippines that could lead to a better tomorrow.



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