Earn with Your Car in this 6 Ways

Earn with Your Car in this 6 Ways

Being a driver means having lot of responsibilities especially when using public roads. The driver’s top priority while driving is to secure the public’s safety. Furthermore, they also need to shoulder the costs of the petroleum or gas which they need to power their engines. Unluckily, there are times  that it is hard to do due to price hikes.

To ease this problem, here are things they can do to resolve this issue. Like for instance, owners and drivers of cars such as the Toyota Altis in the Philippines can use them as a source of additional income. If you are one of those drivers, then you might consider the following ways to use your car in earning money:

1. Tour guides

A perfect job for those who love history or those people who lived in a certain place for a very long time. It will be easy for them to point out the most historically place in an area such as tourist spots and tell the visitors important facts about it. You will surely earn a lot as tourists are likely to pay more or hire services longer if you have a very good communicating skills and know the place by heart.

2. Carpooling

Also called ride sharing, it is an extremely popular sideline these days particularly for those who are conscious of their environment. Perhaps, it has been named as one of the best thing you can do to fight off global warming. Ideal for parents who usually drop off their kids in their school. You can easily make money by offering to drop off other children to the same school with your son or daughter. It is also applicable to people who go to the same workplace with each other that can also invite another to carpool in order to save petrol money.

3. Rent out your car

One of the easiest thing you can do is renting out your car to get income out of it. you don’t have to get exhausted by driving, you simply relax at your home while someone else drives around in it. Make sure to set up a daily rate they would have to pay out every day. Be sure that  you can trust the person, you can check credentials to make sure. Find out if you could trust the customer in taking care of the car as well as bringing it back to you by the end of the deal.


4. Run advertisements

One easy way to earn money using your car is by wrapping it with advertisements. It is easy by registering with the companies like Carvertise online to get some sponsors. Though you have to wait some time for them to reply but once they do, it will be easy for what you have to do is approve a visual design and stick it to your vehicle. Commonly, the design is keep for 2 years but it entirely depends on your contract. You will receive your payments through checks, bank transfer or even PayPal.  

5. Driving lessons

Another way to make money out of your car is by handling out driving lessons. But first, you need to get a license to be able to conduct this service after you get it you may want to advertise to get students. You may start by inviting people that you know who needs driving lessons.

6. Taxi service

Having a lot of time to spare, you may consider becoming an Uber or a GrabCar driver. This business works similar like a taxi service that you have to drive a customer towards their destination. But before you’d be able to do this, you need to register first with the companies.

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