Cheese Sticks Recipe for Home-Based Food Business

Cheese Sticks Recipe for Home-Based Food Business

Searching for a low capital and easy to put up food business you can start even at home? If yes, then you should consider making and selling cheese sticks. Is it simply made using few ingredients such as cheddar cheese and lumpia wrapper and then fried to perfection. It come along well with mayonnaise and catsup as the dip.

Cheese sticks is considered one of the street foods sold at the corners of  streets. This finger-snack is commonly offered by small food stalls. People love its crunchy and yet cheesy filling! Take advantage of this demand and make money out of it. Cheese sticks are very easy to prepare and sell.



  •    Cheddar cheese (commercially available)
  •    1 pack of spring roll paper (or lumpia wrapper)
  •    1 cup of cooking oil
  •    Mayonnaise and/or ketchup as dip



  1.    Slice cheddar cheese into thin and small strips. Make sure you observe uniformity in length and thickness.
  2.    Wrap each strip or two in spring roll wrapper. Seal the edges using moisture from dipping your fingers into water.
  3.    Heat frying pan over moderate stove temperature. Put oil.
  4.    When the oil boils, put several pieces of wrapped cheese sticks. Deep fry for about 3 minutes or until each stick turns golden brown.
  5.    Remove all sticks from the pan and let the oil drip into paper towel.
  6.    Let it cool for a while and serve with mayonnaise or ketchup as dip.


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