The Celebrity Taste: 5 Expert Celebrities in Food Business

The Celebrity Taste: 5 Expert Celebrities in Food Business

A successful food business needs to have the best tasting product and a brilliant mind that will conceptualize everything. These five celebrities definitely have a good taste and a brilliant mind because they were able to put up a successful food business in a place where food is everywhere. Their food is exceptionally pleasing to the palate and how they packaged their food contributed to the success of their business. Showbiz and personal business is not easy to juggle but these celebrities were able to do it. Be inspired by these exceptionally talented individuals who thought outside of the box.


1.Bettina Carlos and Baked Bites

This kapuso actress definitely knows what she’s doing with the oven. Her baked goodies will surely make you forget your name. Her Nutella Rocks are remarkable. Nutella tastes great on its own but her spin on this classic took the bar a step higher. Bettina is hands-on in making these delicious goodies and you can order it anywhere you are in the Philippines. For orders and inquires you may contact Ms. Bettina Carlos at 0917-861BITE (2483).

Baked Bites Favorites and owner Bettina Carlos

2.Chris Tiu and Happy Lemon

Who would not be familiar with yakult. Lemon Yakult is one of the popular drinks of Happy Lemon. It gives a refreshing and happy feel when you drink it on a summer day or any regular day. All of their drinks are well thought of and tastes hella good. Some of their popular drink includes Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese and Green Tea Yakult. Kudos to Chris Tiu and his business partners for getting the Happy Lemon franchise here in the Philippines.


Chris Tiu and a Happy Lemon store


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