How to Apply for Health Assistance at PCSO (and Other Offices)

Other Institutions That Might Help

Here are a few institutions you can approach to ease your burden:


To avail of your Philhealth coverage, you need to have your ID, your filled-out CD1 form signed by your HR department or company representative and your MDR or record of payment (unless you are a permanently covered member like senior, indigent and retired citizens). If you are a paying member, you need to have at least paid the last six months of fees. The same goes for dependents.

Senior citizens now have automatic coverage but please visit their website to understand and maximize your benefits.

Philhealth has now increased their coverage for cases they consider “as economically and medically catastrophic”, which are serious illnesses like certain cancers, kidney transplantation, heart bypass surgery among others.



Did you know that DSWD offers aid to indigents and those referred by their local congressman? The latter is due to the scrapping of PDAF but you may still want to ask you local social worker or your congressman’s office for referral. It doesn’t make the process faster but they can help you understand the process better.


To apply for aid, you need patience (because of the long lines) and the following documents:

  • Case study by the social worker
  • Barangay Certification (that you are a resident in the area)
  • Medical abstract and course of treatment from the doctor and/or
  • Relevant receipts.

Please take note that they take around three weeks to a month to process your request and they do not cover everything. I believe the maximum coverage is PhP 75,000 but please visit their website for clarification.

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