How to Apply for Health Assistance at PCSO (and Other Offices)

H. Medical Devices (Pacemaker, Septal occluder, Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI), and more)

  1. Official sealed quotation from 3 suppliers

I. Assistive Devices – Hearing Aid (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA))

  1. Official sealed quotation from 3 suppliers
  2. Audiological Evaluation Report signed by a Licensed Audiologist

J. Assistive Devices – Wheelchair

  1. Official sealed quotation from 3 suppliers
  2. Progress note from the doctor

K. Assistive Devices – Prosthesis (Arm, Leg, Eye)

  1. Official sealed quotation from 3 suppliers

L. Assistive Devices – Pulmonary Apparatus (rental of ventilator /respirator)

  1. Official quotation from service provider


M. Non and Minimally Invasive Procedures (Laparoscopic Surgery, Endoscopic procedure, ESWL, etc)

  1. Endorsement / Certificate of Acceptance of PCSO Guarantee Letter

Note: This is not required in the cases of health facilities where there is a PCSO desk.

  1. Relevant laboratory result

N. Transplant (Kidney, Liver, etc)

  1. Relevant laboratory result
  2. Cross – matching result
  3. Certification of patient’s inclusion in transplant program from authorized representative of NKTI, if applicable.
  4. Relevant PhilHealth tracking number certification


O. Rehabilitative Therapy (Physical, Occupational, Speech)

  1. Official quotation from service provider
  2. You can also apply at PCSO for Cardiac procedures like Pacemaker surgery, Congenital Heart Surgery, Coronary Artery Bypass, Aneurysm Surgery, Peripheral bypass surgery, Angioplasty, also included are cardio diagnostic procedures like Coronary Angiogram and Cardiac Cauterization.

Bring all the needed documents when you apply at PCSO office for medical financial assistance.

Please take note that every applicant must submit requirements number 1, 2, and 3 above, plus the case-specific requirement(s).

Also, if the patient doesn’t have any immediate relative that can be interviewed by the PCSO, the patient must also sign an authorization letter indicating the name of the non-relative who will be

interviewed for the patient’s case.


Reminder: With the abolition of the PDAF/Pork Barrel funds, many of those who used to go to their congressmen for help now go to PCSO for assistance. The lines are long and they are strict with the documentation so you need to make sure your papers are in order before going.


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