How to Apply for Health Assistance at PCSO (and Other Offices)

How to Apply for Health Assistance at PCSO (and Other Offices)

Sickness is like a thief in the night. You will never know when it will strike. Unfortunately for many Filipinos who do not have enough economic safety nets to endure sudden medical expense shocks, getting fund for treatment might be quite difficult.

Lucky you if you have  a health plan or HMO coverage from your company, covering the cost is easier – unless your illness happens to be excluded from coverage or you’ve maxed out your plan’s limit.

If you don’t have any, there are government agencies you can rely on for those extraordinary circumstances – like accidents, chronic illnesses and cancer, for example.

A few of these are Philhealth, the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

However, before going to them for help, make sure your requirements are complete.

Requirements usually start with having a formal diagnosis and a course of treatment for your condition. Unfortunately, laboratory tests and consultations are usually not covered by aid from these institutions.

They may cover part of the procedure if you need to use the operating room to get biopsy samples but these bills are not fully covered all.

However, when the situation calls for enlisting every help you could get, these tips may come in handy. The diagnosis is just the start of a long and costly treatment and recovery ahead.



All Filipinos who are hospitalized or receiving medical treatment can apply for the PCSO Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP). You don’t have to be an

indigent patient to get approval; you don’t have to personally know anyone serving a government position to become a PCSO medical financial assistance beneficiary.


Any Filipino can apply to become a recipient of PCSO Medical Charity program as long as the patient fulfills any of the following criteria:

  1. You are confined in any health facility.
  2. You are receiving health care management as outpatient.
  3. You are seeking health care management in another country, because there is no existing health facility within the Philippines that can provide the procedure that your illness demands.

Apply to Become a Beneficiary of PCSO Medical Financial Requirements to Apply PCSO Medical Assistance

If you meet the criteria above, you now need to prepare all the needed requirements, the documents and papers that you need to submit to the Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office to avail the Medical Assistance.

Once you get approval like for hospital confinement there will be a PCSO guarantee letter that is issued to the hospital or partner health facility, detailing that PCSO will assume the obligation to pay a specific amount due of the patient to the health provider.


Unfortunately, PCSO usually will not be able to shoulder the full amount due of the patient-beneficiary for the treatment received. This is because the Individual Medical Assistance Program deals with thousands of patients every day all over the Philippines. All these patients need financial assistance and PCSO gives as much help as they can to everyone who applies for medical financial assistance within the budget allocation for the program. But still, financial help is a welcome thing no matter the amount. But of course we pray and hope that you will be granted and approved for a big amount from PCSO.

Here are the list of documentary requirements when you apply for PCSO medical assistance:

Prepare all the necessary documents before going to the PCSO to avoid inconvenience:

  1. Duly accomplish PCSO IMAP Application Form – if the hospital has its own PCSO desk you can get it from there. If none, you need to go to the nearest office of PCSO.
  2. Original / Certified True Copy of the Updated Clinical Abstract duly signed by the attending physician with License Number. If you are requesting for free wheelchair, you only need to present medical certification.
  3. Valid ID of patient and representative – bring any government issued identification card like Passport, UMID, Driver’s License, GSIS eCard, Senior Citizen’s ID, DSWD – 4P’s ID, Voter’s ID, Postal ID, PRC ID. If you do not have any government issued ID, you can also present company ID or student ID.
  4. Additional (as applicable) – *Authorization Letter from patient is needed in cases where there is no immediate relative available for interview.

All cases applied for in PCSO requires the documents listed 1,2,3 above. Then aside from the above, there are additional requirements which are case specific.


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