7 Ways to Earn up to P80k Monthly as Home Based Workers

7 Ways to Earn up to P80k Monthly as Home Based Workers

It is an everyday battle to go out beating the traffic and persisting the bad weather just to go to work. If you are getting tired of it, like you think you are wasting your time more in coming to work rather than spending it with your love ones, then you should consider doing home based job. You can actually quit your job and look for many opportunities while enjoying the comforts of being at home.


Today, with the continuously grow of technology, jobs also go along with it. There are many office-based jobs transfer into home. In a published article by an Entrepreneur, there is a married couple who have been doing freelance work for years. They shared tips and tricks on how to become successful in the online world. Anna and Dan (not their real names) stated that they can earn comfortably while spending quality time with their daughter by doing freelance work. Like the most of us, Anna also took different jobs like sales, lead generation, customer service and virtual assistance before working in the freelance site Upwork for almost eight years now. On the other hand, her husband Dan, a web developer, also decided to go full time on the freelance work years later. By doing online jobs, Anna gets to earn about P50,000 monthly, while Dan can get as much as P80,000 in one month.

The following are some useful tips to be successful in home based freelancing, check it out!

1. Invest on your profile well.

For you to get hired, you will probably need a good profile that can describe your skills, attitudes towards work and credentials. You have to make your profile easy to browse and less wordy since not everyone has time to read it all.

2. Be connected, always.

Mostly of the employers hire candidates who are always within reach. In order to achieve that, you have to make sure to be connected even in your mobile phone so that employers can easily contact you. Remember that there are chances you could lose an opportunity to get hired if you failed to respond promptly to potential employers.


3. Background check your possible employers.

Even in online world, there are also bogus employers out there looking for victims in freelance sites. To avoid them, you have to do background checking and take time to research about your potential employer. You can also do this by checking reviews and feedbacks about your employer or do research in Google and LinkedIn about their company. In case you had been victimized by a bogus employer, immediately report them to the freelance site.

4. Constantly be on the lookout for opportunities.

Even though there are tons of freelance opportunities online, you need to be quick in applying. It could only take several minutes before other candidate may already submit their application once the employer post a job. Likewise, newbies in the freelance sites are initially given about 10 to 20 chances in applying, so apply wisely.

5. Keep in mind that it is quality over quantity.

It may be tempting to get as many jobs as you can, but the quality of your work will certainly be compromised. It will not only cost your job, but it will also affect your rating and lower your chance of getting hired again. If you’re sure  you can deliver it with good quality, then you can accept jobs from multiple clients.

6. Don’t sell yourself short.

Don’t be afraid that no one will going to hire you if you charge higher than other freelancers. Don’t sell yourself short more likely if you think you have the skills. Its not your lost to say no to lower offers than your asking price. Anna said that companies with higher offers are usually the legit ones. 

7. Get hired directly.

There are some ‘agents’ of employers on freelance sites scout for candidates in social networking sites that get commission once the candidate gets accepted for the job. Choose to apply directly so you can get the full payment of your work.

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