5 Restaurants in Baguio You Must Absolutely Visit. #3 Will Ruin Your Diet, But You Won’t Be Sorry

5 Restaurants in Baguio You Must Absolutely Visit

Whether or not you are on an ultimate foodie experience in the City of Pines or are just simply looking to fill yourself up after touring, you should check out at least one of these restaurants in Baguio. Not only do all of them look charming and cozy, but you also get a bang for your buck with the quality and size of their food!

1. Cafe by the Ruins

Situated at Shuntug street, Cafe by the Ruins is one of the most well-known dining places in the city. The garden-inspired interiors contribute greatly to the warm, relaxing atmosphere in the restaurant. There’s something about the design, as well–even their menu cards are dressed up! Popular choices at this restaurant are the hot chocolate and the soft, fluffy bread that, together, can make up your breakfast or meryenda, but the cafe also serves the deadly pork bagnet with bagoong, fresh, crisp salads with arugula, and warm, noodle soup with slivers of roasted duck.


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