10 Philippine Travel and Tourism Business Opportunities

10 Philippine Travel and Tourism Business Opportunities

There are 7,641islands in the Philippines to explore with rich biodiversity, cultural heritage, magnificent  history and of course, hospitable locals. That is why the Philippines attracts millions of foreign tourist from various country. The economy has been largely influences by the tourism that it contributed 10.6% of the country’s GDP base on 2015 review. That also welcome lots of business opportunities to explore in the tourism and travel industry within the country.

To give you ideas about it, here are some business venture you can try:

  1. Travel agency

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Mostly of the travellers are looking for services like travel agency for a hassle-free vacation. However, to stand out in this industry, you will surely need big players and offer the most affordable and yet the best services tourist can get. To be able to do this, offer a promo package that will suit the needs of your clients with travel services such as land tours, van rental, round trip transfers, island hopping and tour guide for added income.


  1. Tour guide

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If you are presentable and you think you have whatever it takes to be a good tour guide, then you should consider taking it as job. This will be easy if you are good in English on which you can use to communicate to foreigners. You can tell funny and compelling stories about different places. Also, be good at organizing activities particularly tours to certainly have chance in this industry. But before investing and starting this venture, you have to know for yourself on what kind of tours you would like to lead. You can do extensive research about the locations and get some training from certified schools for tour guiding.


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