10 High Power & Affordable Power Bank that you can BUY from LAZADA Philippines

10 High Power & Affordable Power Bank that you can BUY from LAZADA Philippines

If you are on of those who needs a reliable and affordable power bank, here’s the best offers you can check at Lazada Philippines!

1. Romoss Sense 6P 20000mAh Dual Output LED Display Power Bank (White)

At just PHP 805, you can now charge phones, pads or other small electronic devices simultaneously with its 20,000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery capacity.  It also has a Dual output with 1 fast charging 2.1A port and 10 intelligent security protection, Smooth Aesthetic design, stylish and distinctive appearance.


2. ASUS ABTU015 ZenPower Slim 3000mAh Black-

If searching for a cheap yet reliable power bank, here’s the ASUS ABTU015 ZenPower Slim. It has a rating capacities of 5.1V/1700mAh and rechargeable Li-Polymer Cell battery. You can charge this device in 4.5 hours with DV 5V/1A standard cable.


3. 992 Smart 20000mah Power Bank (White/Pink) BUY 1 TAKE 1

This Power Bank have a built- in intellegent recognition voltage imported chip that can automatically identify the mobile phone, PSP, tablets, and other digital products charge.  It also has Multifunction digital movable charger using the efficient boost converter and battery protective IC.  With its capacity of 20000mah batteries,  it is durable, support for fast charging, no memory effect, charging circuit number up to 1000 times.

4. ET-POP E-103 Sweet Cookie 20000mAh Power Bank with LED Flashlight

If you are the person who always travels, this power bank is for you. It has a capacity of 20000mAh and compatible with Android Device, other smartphones, tablets and mp3/mp4 players. This is perfect for long plane flights, road trips, or whenever you need to charge your mobile devices.

5. Samsung 128000mah Slim Powerbank

This device is suitable for nearly all kinds of mobile phones and digital products which have USB cable connector.  Providing several different charging adaptors, it is compatible with almost each kind of mobile phone and digital products with USB Function Charging iphon3e, ipad, ipod, MP3, MP4, GPS, cellphones bluetooth device some table PC and other digital products. It also has a precise IC Protector to safely avoid over-charging.

6. MODEALL M-03 20000mah LCD Display Dual Port PowerBank with Flashlight

This is a perfect power supply for business trip, travel, field work and so on.  Fit for cellphone, MP3, PDA, console and other digital products. It has a USB port, plug and play, charge your device whenever/wherever and  a clear LCD display that shows the available power capacity and charging status.

7. Popcorn US001 Ultra Smart 20800mAh Slim and Pocket Style Powerbank  

The best and good quality Powerbank for you, fits all people and best gift option. With its slim and pocket style, it will save you a lot of space wether in your bag or pocket. It has a  output 1: Micro USB output, output 2: DC 5V/2.0A and a capacity of 20800mAh. You dont need to bring extra cable when carrying this Powerbank.

8. Romoss Polymos 5 Ultra Slim 5000 mAh Powerbank

The Romoss Polymos 5 Power Bank boasts of a 5000mAh (milliampere-hour) capacity–just enough back up energy for when you need to make calls or emails. With an introduction of the high quality, thin, and lightweight lithium-polymer battery which are also used in iPhones and smartphones, the Romoss Polymos 5 is one of the thinnest and the lightest high capacity mobile batteries out today. It is compatible with most smartphones and tablets and can charge 2 devices simultaneously with a power conversion rate up to 85%.

9. Pineng PN-920 20000mah Powerbank 

This Power Bank can be used whole day with 10 times of fully charging your device. More people are now into long life devices to charge their digitals. Never miss a phone call, an important email or even game progress ever again. Stop running out of power from your tablet or smartphone with the help of Pineng PN-920 20000mah Power bank.

10. Romoss Sense 6 Plus 20000mAh Power Bank

You’ll have to sacrifice sending messages, taking the shots that you want, and uploading on social media the minute your battery gets drained. Always stay equipped with the help of the Romoss Sense 6 Plus 20000mAh Power Bank.  This device has a clear LCD display shows the available power capacity and charging status.  It is exquisite and durable, special for several types of digital devices in your family




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