10 Filipino Habits that Hold Us from Saving Money

10 Filipino Habits that Hold Us from Saving Money

One good indication that we, Filipinos are known to be one of the most hardworking and competent races all throughout the world is the high number of worldly-renowned overseas Filipino workers. This new heroes work so hard with dedication to give their families a great life. But despite this, there are some Filipinos that have adopted the following cultural habits that are possibly the reasons why finances is a problem.

Here are the 10 Filipino habits that hold us from saving money:

1.Following trends with friends

Buying trendy items are actually wants and seeing our friends having these can make us automatically wanting to buy them. Sad to say, this attitude can lead us to unhealthy and unfathomable results to how we manage our expenses. One way to overcome it is to think that true friends would never let you go broke. If  your friends really care about you, they will understand your financial terms. How about the trends? Let them be. Sooner there will be a more appropriate time for all of those, we just need to be patient and wise.


2.It’s okay to spend much in food

This attitude is actually the most common things Filipinos do. Yes food is really a necessity but we all know that there are a lot of alternatives or a lot of cheaper goods instead of going for those expensive restaurants, meals or groceries.


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