10 Easy Ways To Make Money Online (Internet)

10 Easy Ways To Make Money Online (Internet)

Whether you are a student, a professional, a freelancer, or a businessperson, your personal economy is important to your financial stability and success. As a student, you may want to buy some things for yourself that your allowance may not permit. As a professional, there will be instance when the cost of your needs might exceed your salary. And as a businessperson, you will always be looking for new investments. Truly, viable methods of earning extra cash are imperative.

There are two kinds of income you should be familiar with: active income and passive income. Active income is earned through active participation through labor such as working as a fast-food crew, as an office staff, as a clerk, or as a teacher among others. Passive income, on the other hand, is earned without much active participation through your labor, and this can be done just be using your creativity and your Internet. Here, we will give you ten examples of methods to earn active and passive income online.

  1. Sell articles and eBooks

This is a common gig amongst students who want to earn extra cash and have the skill to write well, as there are small businesses, websites, and bloggers that need good written content and smooth keyword integration to help them get more traffic. There are websites hosting freelance writers and connect them with potential buyers. You can start selling your write ups of 500 words for 200 pesos. At first you won’t earn big, but as you build your advantage in the competition, you can start charging big and even submit your work in formal publications.

You can try out some good websites for freelance writers such as Essays.ph, 199Jobs, Upwork, and Freelancer.

  1. Sell your stock photos

Are you into photography? This is a good way to make money while pursuing your passion for photography. You may upload your stock photos in online stores and your work is done. You just have to advertise your portfolio online through your personal blog, or your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and wait for someone to buy your stock photos. IStockphoto, ShutterStock, and Fotolia are a few good places to shop around.

  1. Sell your music

If you are into music and tech savvy at the same time, and likes mixing songs or making your own music, you can try selling your music. You may set up your own website to showcase your music. There are also communities of artists online where you can sell your artistic craft such as TuneCore. Go check it out!


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